What’s Your Story

Are you an explorer, traveling the world seeking your next adventure? Are you fascinated by urban culture, captivating new experienced with every venture?

Are you a sophisticated free spirit lost in a world where the opportunities are infinite? Do you have an eye for design and innovation; are you passionate about conservation?Here at BG Berlin we do things a little differently. We are not like the rest.

We are adventurers fascinated by culture, design and fashion. We seek new experiences finding joy and laughter and every turn.

We have an eye for detail;
The small things matter. We love the environment. We are an innovative group where fashion, culture and travel collide to create functional products, which are designed to meet the demands of travel and urban lifestyle.

We innovate. We create. We Share.

Who We Are

BG BERLIN is an inclusive community with an authentic taste in contemporary design.

A confident young spirit,
we are lovers of fun and exploration of new cultures.

Eco-friendly citizens make us great ambassadors for an active sustainable society; leaving our legacy for generations to come.

Surprising, playful, fresh and sometimes bold.