Xavier Iturralde, a Latin American graphic designer and Illustrator born in Ecuador and raised in the world of directive arts.

He has directed multiple campaigns in favor of enviromental consicousness.

Xavier has worked with several brands such as Victorinox, Pictosis, Ecuavisa and many more.

We create, therefore we are. Play to Create.

Inspired from collage and visual illustrations with a remarkable twist. Michela herself considers her work as “colorful, shiny and dreamy.

The combination of dreamy characters such as tigers, flowers and her rich pallete is a trademark of her style with an amazing graphic taste and a perfect match, giving her artworks are intense and vibrant twist.

She has developed and created both original artworks and graphic for clients such as: Adidas Ww, Converse, Pull&Bear, Nike Italy, Vice, Bosco Berlin, Saatchi & Saatchi London, Fendi, Monikers, De Morgen Magazine, Girl Effect, Nike Foundation, Life And Death Records, Avaaz Ww, Milk Magazine, among others.

Karan Singh

While he studied interaction design, the self-taught artist has focused on visual arts and illustration for the past nine years,
drawing inspiration from graphic design sensibilities and pop-art minimalism.

His bold and vibrant work is a playful interpretation of minimalism particularly focusing on depth and dimension through
pattern and repetition.

His professional career has seen him based in a number of cities including New York, Malmö, Sydney, Melbourne and now Tokyo working on a variety of projects ranging from art for IBM, animations for the band OK Go, textiles for Heineken and a typeface for The Designers Foundry.