MetroBag Cut – Resistant 17″



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Material: Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene 51% (UHMWPE)
Polyester 38%
Glass 11%

H46 x W36 x D15 cm

18,1 x 14,2 x 5,9 in


Weight: 900g

1 Year Warranty

The Anti-Cut is totally unique in the MetroBag series. Its fabric is military grade and has a composition of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene, polyester and glass which makes it almost impossible to cut with a knife or blade.

The MetroBag has a unique and slim design and lots of storage. Safe solutions to protect your belongings like a hidden mobile pocket and a hidden shield pocket for magnetic cards which are both easily accessible and have the RFID protection system. USB Charging port to connect with a power bank. Lightweight and high quality material which prevents from scratches. Additional rain cover and a soft breathable mesh on the back. Night reflection for when you are walking in the streets or riding your bike.


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