Choosing the right carry-on luggage

Carry-on luggage is a piece of the suitcase in specific dimensions that you are allowed to carry to an airplane and can fit in the overhead bin or below the seat.

Why use a carry-on luggage?

More and more people travel with just their carry-on suitcase which is much more cheep and don’t need to pay extra luggage fees. Travellers don’t have to worry about their belongings at all times, since they carry with them at the airplane. It is much easier to pack as well as to unpack and the carry-ons are fantastic and convenient for shorter trips.

Some airline companies require the passengers to fit their suitcases into the measuring device before boarding, that’s why the dimensions of each catty-on are not the same for every trip.

If the carry-on does not meet the measurement requirements then the airline company will require you to gate-check your suitcase and often pay a fee to do so.

The most common carry-on luggage dimensions are 55 x 40 x 20 cm (maximum size). BG Berlin meets perfectly these dimensions and all of our cabin size luggage are lightweight, safe (TSA Lock), durable and have the most amazing designs.

BG Berlin’s carry-on luggage not only are perfect for the size but also for the interior. Inside the BG Berlin suitcases you can pack your personal items super organized with the pockets, divider and cross belts that is offering.

If your concerns are what and how much a carry-on luggage fits, we have some tips that might be helpful for packing and traveling only with a cabin size suitcase!

Traveling with just a carry-on you have to be selective about the type of clothes you chose to bring. Especially if you are traveling to different climates you can pack light by choosing multiple layers that take up less space in your bag than one big jacket or coat. Layers can keep you warm and also can give you more options for outfits!

One of the biggest space-saving tips is the rolling method. Experienced travellers swear by this method and the pack more items into tight spaces. Clothes that are rolled are more compact and save much more space than the traditional way of folding. It might be more time consuming but it does worth the time spending on rolling everything and your clothes will remain wrinkle-free!

Another tip for using a carry-on suitcase for a trip, is to be selective about your footwear and your jackets. Choose only those that are comfortable and suitable for all your kind of adventures. And on transit – choose the bulkiest to wear. That will save much more space than you can imagine!

Keep in mind that, when traveling with a carry-on luggage, airlines have limitations on what items you are allowed to pack!

All the airports around the globe allow travellers to pack only 100 milliliters of liquids or gels. (no more than 3.4 ounces) So never pack a full bottle of shampoo or sunscreen. Scissors, explosives, self-defense sprats or any sharp objects are prohibited and will not pass the security checkpoint.

Finally, a super important tip when using a carry-on luggage is to keep valuable and essential belongings in your carry-on suitcase and not in your checked luggage. Your passport, id, money, credit cards, jewellery, electronics and any other valuables, should be brought to the plane with you in the chance of the airline loses your luggage that was checked in and have your trip destroyed.


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