Large Suitcases - Light-weight, Durable, and Safe for Travelling

Embark on your wanderlust with our large suitcases! If you are a frequent flyer, nothing makes your travel effortless than cruising smoothly on a 4-wheel trolley, securing your essentials with the combination lock. At BG Berlin, we stock a wide range of large luggage that are the perfect size for going on holidays and ensure plenty of room for your travel essentials.

Our Large Sized Suitcase Collection Includes

  • Cremallera2 – Designed for urban travellers, prioritising security and long-term durability. It has an innovative puncture-resistant double zipper to solve all your security problems.
  • TED – Made with a hard-sided exterior, TED is robust, lightweight luggage with an expandable design. This allows for extra storage space.
  • Shuttle is an edgy, lightweight large suitcase with an expandable design offering 25% extra storage space.
  • Cubo – Particularly crafted for modern travellers, Cube reflects your individuality and attitude.
  • urbe – BG Berlin collaborates with leading international artists to create unique designs that appeal to modern travellers who appreciate culture, art, and design.

Large Luggage with Extra Storage Space & Easy Maneuverability

It’s time to get away with our large suitcases, now with stylish design and multiple pockets for extra storage space. Up for any travel adventure, the mejor equipaje grande collection is engineered to stand the test of time and travel! Our large luggage’s stylish, sleek design and large packing capacity make it the best-seller in our collection.

  • Effortless Mobility – Our latest innovative big suitcase design features four multi-directional spinner wheels with 360-degree easy and smooth manoeuvrability.
  • Extra Storage Capacity – Our large luggage suitcase is extra-large and has ample storage, providing extra packing space for longer journeys.
  • Easy-to-carry—Our large luggage suitcase has handles at the top and side, making lifting and moving the luggage around easier.

Buy Big Suitcase with Expandable Design by BG Berlin

Travel and explore this beautiful world with our new large luggage with extra storage space! Browse now to find the new collections in stock and take advantage of our venta de maletas grandes!

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Our maleta grande range has an expandable design for additional storage. This expandable design provides additional space when needed, providing flexibility for travellers who may need extra room for souvenirs, gifts, or other items acquired during their journey. The expandable feature adds several inches to the overall dimensions of the suitcase, providing significant extra room for belongings. This versatility makes expandable suitcases popular for travellers who desire ample packing space and the ability to adjust their luggage size as needed.

Our maleta grande options can be used for outdoor adventures as they are made from polypropylene – a material renowned for its strength, durability, and lightweight properties. Polypropylene is a versatile thermoplastic polymer highly resistant to impact, abrasion, and harsh weather conditions, making it an excellent choice for outdoor use. The material’s inherent toughness protects your belongings, ensuring they remain secure and intact even in challenging environments. Moreover, it comes with reinforced corners and edges, weatherproof seals, and secure locking mechanisms to enhance the safety of your belongings.

¡Descubre la versatilidad de nuestro equipaje facturado! Con una gama de modelos y tamaños para elegir, puede encontrar el ajuste perfecto para sus necesidades de viaje. Diferentes aerolíneas también pueden tener diferentes límites de peso para el equipaje facturado. Sin embargo, por regla general, nuestras maletas grandes están pensadas para llevar artículos que pesen entre 22 y 32 kilogramos. Las maletas livianas son particularmente ventajosas cuando se navega por aeropuertos, estaciones de tren y áreas concurridas, ya que son versátiles y se adaptan a diversas situaciones de viaje. Es crucial saber que exceder los límites de peso de su aerolínea puede resultar en multas o restricciones adicionales. Algunos de los pesos de nuestras maletas ligeras grandes son los siguientes:

Peso ligero Aero ligero:88kg
Cubo:9 kg
Televisor:8 kg
Vieja escuela:8 kg
Crucigrama:9 kg
Código postal2:9 kg

Aproveche una oportunidad fantástica para mejorar su equipo de viaje mientras ahorra en grande durante nuestro venta de maletas grandes. ¡Explore nuestra gama de las mejores maletas grandes y emprenda sus viajes con confianza y facilidad!

Yes! Our large luggage suitcases are lightweight, engineered explicitly with durable polypropylene, a strong and lightweight material with high resistance to impact and wear. This unique construction allows you to pack more without exceeding airline weight restrictions, making these suitcases ideal for longer trips or when packing bulky items. Moreover, polycarbonate material is durable and resilient, capable of withstanding the rigours of travel and protecting your belongings. It also comes with ergonomic handles and smooth-rolling wheels for easy manoeuvrability.  

Buying a hard-shell or a soft-shell big suitcase depends on your preferences, travel needs, and the specific features you prioritise. Hard-shell suitcases, typically made of materials like polycarbonate, offer superior protection for your belongings against impacts, bumps, and rough handling. They are highly durable and resistant to scratches and dents, making them ideal for protecting fragile items or valuables during travel. Hard-shell suitcases often come with built-in TSA-approved locks for added security and peace of mind. Soft-shell suitcases are lighter, making them more manoeuvrable and convenient for carrying or lifting. Moreover, they can fit into tight overhead compartments or storage spaces. Check our website for the mejor equipaje grande sale!

Are you looking for reliable and spacious equipaje y maletas para tu próxima gran aventura en el extranjero? ¡No busque más allá de BG Berlín! Nuestras maletas de alta calidad están diseñadas para satisfacer todas sus necesidades de viaje y garantizar un viaje sin estrés. A maleta grande with extra packing capacity gives the practicality, convenience, and flexibility required for long-distance travel. We offer a wide range of expandable large luggage so you can easily accommodate your belongings and enjoy your trips without feeling constrained by space limits. Here are some popular maleta grande modelos que ofrecemos que incluyen capacidad extra:

Lanzadera: El transbordador es vanguardista y ligero. Todos los tamaños se pueden ampliar para proporcionar 25% más capacidad cuando sea necesario.
Zip2: El Zip2 brinda una seguridad inigualable con una cremallera doble y su diseño expandible permite mucho espacio de almacenamiento adicional.
TED: La TED es una maleta duradera, segura y conveniente que se expande para brindar espacio adicional para empacar en viajes prolongados.
urbe: The Urbe collection comes in a wide range of stylish and unique hard-side suitcases that are tear-resistant and expand an additional 2 inches for greater carrying capacity when required.

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