Anti Theft Backpack-MetroBag 15″ Dark Grey


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  • Material: Dragon Polyester-
  • H42 x W36 x D15 cm-
  • 16,5 x 14,2 x 5,9 in-
  • Capacity: 13,6L
  • Weight: 800g-
  • Warranty: 1 Year

The Anti-Theft Laptop  & RFID Protection Backpack the MetroBag includes a unique and slender design and a lot of storage.

As with Metrgobag blue variant, it is also Safe solutions to guard your possessions like a concealed cellular pocket and a concealed guard pocket for magnetic cards that are both readily accessible and possess the RFID defense system.

This is a Dark grey Anti Theft  Laptop USB Charging port to get in touch with a power lender.

Now travel like a celebrity with lightweight and high-quality substance which prevents scrapes. Added rain cover and a soft padded mesh on the trunk. Night reflection stripes for when You’re walking into the streets or riding your bicycle.

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Anti Theft Backpack-MetroBag 15" Dark Grey