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Craving adventure? BG Berlin is the perfect choice for all your adventures! Elevate your travel experience with sleek, reliable, and stylish Handgepäck that seamlessly blend sophistication and utility. At BG Berlin, we offer a remarkable hand luggage selection that redefines style and functionality. Our Handgepäck boasts a high-quality interior lining with tie-down straps, a convenient push button to lock the trolley handle, a 4-wheel spinner system for easy maneuverability, and top & side handles for added convenience. Combining glamour and fashion, our cabin luggage makes a statement with functionality and style.

Carry-On Luggage – Makes Travelling a Breeze

Are you planning a weekend trip or a mid-week escape? Crafted with utmost care, the bestes Handgepäck offered by BG Berlin is masterfully designed to transform your hectic travel into an effortless experience. Our Kabinenkoffer has a hardshell exterior and TSA-approved combination locks for enhanced safety. With the effortless roll of the 4-wheel spinner system to seamless zipper, our lightweight carry-on luggage makes your journey as smooth as ever. This Mini-Koffer has excellent strength and durability to endure rough handling by baggage handlers.

  • Smooth 360-degree Maneuverability: No more struggles with cumbersome luggage! Our strong carry-on luggage features 360-degree maneuverability, allowing you to glide through busy airports effortlessly.
  • Good Storage Space: Our cabin bags have thoughtfully designed interior compartments that provide room to organise your belongings efficiently. Our kleines Gepäck bags are ideal for minimalistic packers.
  • TSA-approved Lock: Our kleiner Koffer has built-in TSA-approved locks that increase the safety of your belongings while complying with airport security regulations.
  • Sleek and Sophisticated Design: Make a statement with our small luggage bag! With a minimalistic yet modern design, our bags exude sophistication and class.

Buy Strong Carry-on Luggage Online by BG Berlin

Are you looking for lightweight and sturdy carry-on bags for your next trip? BG Berlin is your ultimate choice for travel-friendly carry-on luggage sales! Get yours today and begin your next adventure in style.


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You must consider a few things when buying Handgepäck to ensure its durability and longevity.

  • Material – Choose carry-on bags made with durable materials, such as polycarbonate, that resist wear and tear, scratches, water damage, and more.
  • High-quality Zippers – Choose carry-on bags with premium quality zippers made from metal or heavy-duty plastic. Good quality zippers ensure smooth operation and easy access to your belongings. At BG Berlin, our Zip2 range of carry-on luggage features innovative, puncture-resistant double zippers that enhance security and prevent jams and breakages.
  • Durable Handles and Wheels – Make sure that the carry-on luggage you choose features sturdy handles and wheels that bear the weight of the luggage when fully loaded. Choose retractable handles made from Aluminium.
  • Water-resistance – Choose carry-on luggage with water-resistant material or coating to protect the contents of your bag from leaks and spills.

Yes, in addition to Kabinenkoffer and checked luggage, we also offer premium quality travel accessories, including

Handgepäck gibt es in zwei Haupttypen: Hartschalen- und Weichschalengepäck.

Hard-shell cabin luggage is known for its durability and protection for fragile items, making it ideal for long-distance travel or when handling is involved. On the other hand, soft-shell carry-on luggage is lighter and more flexible, allowing it to be more forgiving in crowded planes or buses. Regardless of the type, it’s essential to consider features like the presence of wheels, handles, and size before choosing a piece of carry-on luggage to ensure a comfortable and convenient trip.

Airlines set their own rules for carry-on luggage size. Generally, the standard size limit is around H22″x W14″ x D9″.

Before packing, check with your airline on size requirements and weigh your cabin luggage to meet all size restrictions. Being mindful of size requirements can save money and time and avoid the headache of checking in extra baggage.

Yes! Specifically, our Enduro Und Shuttle cabin bags collection has USB built-in charging ports for modern travellers. The external USB offers convenient charging for your USB-enabled electronic devices, whether on a business or leisure trip. This eliminates the need for bulky external chargers or searching for available power outlets in airports or other travel hubs.

Absolutely! Our line of Zip² cabin bags comes with anti-theft technology to protect your belongings and personal data. They have a double-security zipper and a TSA lock to keep your belongings safe and secure. The TSA lock allows airport security to inspect your luggage without damaging the lock, providing peace of mind during your travels.

Ja, unser Handgepäck ist leicht und einfach zu transportieren. Fluggesellschaften haben in der Regel strenge Gewichtsbeschränkungen sowohl für aufgegebenes Gepäck als auch für Handgepäck. Eine leichte Option kann Ihnen daher unnötige Gepäckgebühren ersparen und Ihre Reise bequemer machen.

Beim Einkaufen HandgepäckSuchen Sie nach Materialien wie Polyester, das stark, langlebig und leicht ist.

Bei der Haltbarkeit kommt es auf das Material und die Qualität des Koffers an. Wir bieten in der Regel robustere Materialien und eine überlegene Konstruktion an, wodurch sie langlebiger sind als Optionen der unteren Preisklasse.

Zum Beispiel unsere Hartschale Kabinenkoffer bestehen aus Polypropylen, das im Allgemeinen haltbarer ist als seine Alternativen. Der Schlüssel liegt in der Investition in einen Koffer mit verstärkten Ecken, starken Reißverschlüssen und einem stabilen Griff. Natürlich kann auch die richtige Pflege und Handhabung eines Koffers seine Haltbarkeit verlängern.

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