Premium 2-Piece & 3-Piece Luggage Sets for Sale - Get Ready for Your Next Getaway

Need matching suitcase sets for your next trip? Looking for luggage sets for the convenience of multiple sizes? We’ve got you covered! BG Berlin offers a unique combination of two & three-piece luggage sets on sale to coordinate and save money on your next travel adventure easily. Whether you are going on a road trip, a business meeting, or a family vacation, we’ve everything you need to make your travel hassle-free and easy.

Our soft-shelled suitcases are suitable for fun weekend trips, hard-shelled luggage sets for an adventurous journey, classic luggage sets for business trips, unique luggage sets with stunning prints and patterns for modern travellers, and more. We’ve various choices that align with your personality and style.

Suitcase Sets on Sale – Designed to Coordinate & Save Money

Are you all set for your next travel adventure? The right travel luggage sets can make all the difference! We feature various luggage sets online in different sizes for all your trips. From check-in bags to carry-on luggage, we’ve luggage sets that are made tough and durable enough to withstand travel pressures.

Our hard luggage sets have an expandable design that makes 25% extra space for storage. It also has multiple pockets to organise your travel essentials neatly without stuffing them. Our luggage sets feature four 360-degree double feels for easy manoeuvrability and make it a breeze to navigate through airport crowds and busy streets.

Do you want a regular, classic luggage set option? Our CUBE collection is exclusively designed for modern travellers who want to express themselves. If you are looking for women’s luggage sets online in varied colours, you can pick the most suitable one from our TED or CUBE collection.

Buy Two or Three Piece Luggage Sets Online Now!

Freshen up your next trip with the best luggage sets from BG Berlin! We have an extensive collection of 3- and 2-piece luggage sets for sale online with advanced features like a puncture-resistant double zipper for increased security, four 360-degree double wheels for easy manoeuvrability, a hard-shelled exterior for durability, and more.

Please explore our complete range of luggage sets online now!


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Here are a few benefits of buying luggage sets rather than individual pieces.

  • Luggage sets typically come in matching designs, colours, and materials, ensuring a cohesive and coordinated look for your travel gear.
  • Luggage sets usually include a range of sizes, such as carry-on, medium, and large suitcases, as well as additional pieces like duffel bags or toiletry cases. This variety allows you to choose the most suitable piece for each trip, whether a weekend getaway or an extended vacation.
  • Buying a luggage set often works out to be more economical than purchasing individual pieces separately. Manufacturers frequently offer discounts or bundle deals when you buy a set, resulting in significant cost savings compared to purchasing each piece individually.
  • A matching luggage set simplifies packing and organisation, as you can easily stack and store the pieces together when not used.
  • Luggage sets are designed to fit together seamlessly, with compatible sizes and features complementing each other. This ensures efficient use of storage space and maximises packing capacity when travelling with multiple pieces.

Yes, luggage sets are available in various colours, designs, and patterns to suit different preferences and styles. At BG Berlin, we offer suitcase sets in unique, vibrant hues like red, blue, green, or pink for those who prefer a pop of colour to stand out in a crowd. They come in many designs and patterns, ranging from sleek and modern to elegant and traditional. Whether you prefer minimalist designs or bold geometric patterns, there’s a luggage set to match your style and make a statement while travelling.

Yes, you can buy individual pieces from a luggage set separately. This allows you to mix and match pieces from different sets or brands to create a personalised luggage collection tailored to your preferences and travel requirements. Moreover, it helps you invest in only the needed items without buying an entire new set. Check our product pages for the best luggage sets on sale.

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